Shapes of Emotion


Shapes of Emotion was a project developed during a 3-week summer workshop in Basel, Switzerland. We had one week specifically to research through the process of design. The idea was that the “research” was the product itself, and only after would we analyze the meaning behind what we made. I had a simple question, could I communicate complex human emotion through the use of one medium in a linear fashion, primarily line. My medium of choice was india ink, of which I pushed to the most extreme lengths I could find. I twirled, splashed, rolled, smashed, and smeared ink in all sorts of ways over the course of a few days. On the final day I scanned in my work and created a booklet to analyze my compositions. The final booklet reveals my thoughts on the meaning behind the artwork I created and what it means to me.

  • Art Direction: Michael Renner
  • Design: David Gurr
  • Artwork: David Gurr
  • Photography: David Gurr
  • Typeface: Helvetica, Garamond
  • -
  • Project Images: Dave Imber