This was a unique project in that the artwork was created before the album was written. Ryan Alexander, the frontman for Civilian, sent me a link to 18 demos he was writing. The project at the time was unnamed, and I was given no direction. I listened to the songs over and over again and eventually responded to them through design experimentation. One thing that stuck out to me was Ryan’s connection to Jennifer, his fiancé. The lyrics were haunting, and in them was a fear of losing her one day. I aimed to capture the fragility of his relationship with Jennifer. I decided to visualize the unsettling feelings he had through repetition, cropping, and abstraction. I developed a 12” and 7” record cover as well as a limited edition poster.

  • Art Direction: David Gurr
  • Design: David Gurr
  • Typeface: Helvetica
  • -
  • Project Images: Dave Imber